SDC Two Door Airlock/Mantrap/Cleanroom Level 1 kit

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SDC Two Door Airlock/Mantrap/Cleanroom Level 1 kit

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Normally used for environmental or safety control, typical applications include: Darkrooms, laboratories, clean rooms, x-ray or other treatment rooms, airlocks and more.

Method of Operation

  1. All doors are normally closed and unlocked.
  2. Opening any door causes the second door to lock until the opened door returns to the closed position.
  3. An emergency release pull station located inside the room allows for system override functionality.

Kit Includes:

  • Magnetic lock for Door 1 (select below)
  • Magnetic lock for Door 2 (select below)
  • 2 492 emergency release pull stations
  • 2 492-BB surface mount box for pull station
  • 602RFA UL listed 1amp power supply
  • UR2-4 programmable door controller
  • PC - 6ft plug in power cord

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Select Maglock for Door# 2:
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Product Details

Product Overview

Clean rooms require rigorous controls placed on reducing environmental pollutants to pre-determined levels for the protection of products and processes from contamination by chemical vapors, aerosol particles, dust and airborne microbes.

Prevalent in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and high technology industries,clean rooms provide protection from contamination by equipment and staff, primarily by limiting physical access.

Known as mantrap, interlock or airlock systems, these systems provide safety, security and environmental control between two or more rooms.

Select from standard systems and access hardware to ensure that doors may be locked or unlocked only when the proper conditions exist. Or provide SDC with your special requirements large or small, and we will engineer a mantrap system for you.


  • Fire panel tie-in built into the power supply to release all locks in the event of a fire panel trigger


  • Power Supply Specifications: 1amp at 12/24VDC

System Overview

Interlocks are typically used for vestibules and laboratories to control air flow or restrict number of doors open at the same time. Mantraps are typically used for secure areas requiring restricted and controlled access and egress.


  • Both Interlock A and Mantrap B do not allow more than one door open at a time.
    • Interlock A - The doors are normally unlocked and opening any door causes the other doors to lock until the open door is closed. When all doors are closed, they are all unlocked.
    • Mantrap B – The doors are normally locked. Access to any door is by proximity card reader, keypad or surveillance personnel allowing entry.
  • When one door is open, the access input for all other doors is disabled. When the open door is closed, access from all doors is enabled again.

Give us a call (866) 500 - 5625 and we can design a airlock system to meet your needs. Our design and technical support programs all aways provided at no additonal charge.

Also Known As
SDC-Airlock-System, Mantrap, Two-door mantrap, cleanroom
SDC Security
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year
Model Number
SDC Airlock System
Power Requirements
2 Questions asked on SDC Two Door Airlock/Mantrap/Cleanroom Level 1 kit

Q tom kahmann • 06/07/2022, 10:26:26 AM do you have a system that interlocks THREE doors?
A 06/07/2022, 4:11:52 PM Yes, we can work with you to design a custom parts list for a (3) Door Interlock. To get started on this quote please give us a call at 1-866-500-5625
Q Dave Weaver • 12/16/2022, 7:07:39 PM what door hardware do you reccomend to use with this kit? Is the only locking or latching your system? The reason i am asking is a contractor installed lockable panic hardware and it would not work right then removed the latch and when the door shut and bounced both doors were able to open.
A 12/22/2022, 1:22:53 PM Passage function locksets that can be opened from ether side are a good option. They keep the doors shut and will prevent them from blowing open due to changes in air pressure when the maglocks are in the "unlocked" position. Another tip would be to install door-closers, the closers will assist with making sure the doors always return to a closed position. For further questions regarding this package or lock recommendations you can reach us by phone at 1-866-500-5625