SDC 800 Narrow Mount 1/4 inch Aluminum Plate Key Switch

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SDC 800 Narrow Mount 1/4 inch Aluminum Plate Key Switch

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Narrow Mount mount key switches feature a 1/4 inch Aluminum faceplate with key cylinder recess and security spanner screws for tamper resistance.

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Product Details

SDC Security Door Controls 800 Series Vandal Resistant Narrow Mount Key Switch

Product Overview

Vandal resistant narrow mount key switches feature a 1/4 inch Aluminum faceplate with key cylinder recess and security screws and anti-tamper plugs.


  • 801ALN SDC Key Switch AA (on-off) SPDT, 6A.
  • 802ALN SDC Key Switch Momentary SPDT 6A.
  • 804ALN SDC Key Switch Timer module, Adj. 1-60 Sec. SPDT 2A.
  • 805ALN SDC Key Switch AA (on-off) DPDT 6A.
  • 806ALN SDC Key Switch Momentary DPDT 6A.
  • 807ALN SDC Key Switch (L) Momentary SPDT, (R) Momentary SPDT 6A.
  • 808ALN SDC Key Switch (L) Momentary SPDT, (R) AA (on-off) SPDT 6A.
  • 809ALN SDC Key Switch (L) AA (on-off) SPDT, (R) AA (on-off) SPDT 6A.
  • 810ALN SDC Key Switch (L) Timer Module 1-60 Sec. 2A SPDT, (R) AA (on-off) SPDT 6A.
  • 811ALN SDC Key Switch (2)Momentary SPDT 6A.
  • 812ALN SDC Key Switch (L) Momentary DPDT, (R) AA (on-off) DPDT 6A.
  • 813ALN SDC Key Switch (L) AA (on-off) DPDT, (R) AA (on-off) DPDT, 6A.

*note, mortise key cylinder sold separately or to be provided by installer


  • Vandal resistant cylinder recess
  • 1/4 inch Aluminum Plate
  • Security spanner screws
  • 7 inch Wire Leads
  • Compatible with 1-1/8 inch and 1-1/4 inch standard and interchangeable core mortise key cylinders (supplied by others).
  • Large actuator assembly for positive consistent circuit activation.


  • Anti-Tamper switch
  • Green and Red LED Status Indicators Buzzer May be wired to sound when door is unlocked.
  • Key cylinder with two keys

*800 series is only available in AL- 628 Anodized Aluminum finish

Product Use

SDC key switch assemblies provide an economical method of providing authorized control for a variety of applications. A choice of several contact configurations ensure compatibility with virtually any system. Key switch assemblies are compatible with U.S. standard 1 inch and 1 3/8 inch mortise key cylinders and interchangeable core cylinders*. Compatibility with a new or existing facility mechanical key system is maintained. SDC's 800AL series vandel resistant switch assemblies come standard with 1/4 inch thick aluminium faceplates and a heavy duty rated switches. Available in a narrrow faceplate size to mount directly to the door frame or single gang sizes to be box mounted.

  • 1/4 inch thick aluminium faceplate
  • Alternate action or momentary
  • SPDT or DPDT
  • 22 gauge wire leads, 7 inch
  • Tamper resistant, recessed cylinder
  • Tamper resistant spanner screws
  • 1 inch and 1 3/8 inch mortise cylinder compatible
  • Large actuator for positive and consistent activation
Also Known As
SDC Security
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year
Model Number
800 Series Narrow
Power Requirements
Switch Type
S.P.D.T. (Single Pole Double Throw),D.P.D.T. (Double Pole Double Throw),Momentary Action,Alternate Action,Electronic Time Delay
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