12VDC Access Control Power Supply MC-1, MC-2

12VDC Access Control Power Supply MC-1, MC-2



Maglocks.com access control power supply includes:
• 12VDC Power supply board w/ battery leads
• Plug in transformer
• 5amp/hr backup battery
• Metal enclosure

Recommended for systems using fail safe locks (magnetic locks) this power supply will automatically switch to battery backup power in the event of a power failure to ensure your system remains operational and secure.

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Product Overview

Access control power supply includes power supply board, plug in transformer, enclosure and battery backup.

Standard Features

  • 12VDC Power Supply/ Charger
  • Metal Enclosure Included
  • 5amp per hour Battery Backup
  • Plug in Transformer

Technical Specifications

  • MC-1: 1.2amp at 12VDC
  • MC-2: 2.5amp at 12VDC
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 7.25 inch W x 12 inch H x 3.5 inch D


  • Beige Enclosure
Also Known As
MC-2, MC-2, MC Power Supply, 1.2 AMP Power Supply with Enclosure
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year
Model Number
Power Requirements
2 Questions asked on 12VDC Access Control Power Supply MC-1, MC-2

Q Dennis Heydinger • 01/20/2020, 9:22:46 AM What causes my maglock to heatup
A 01/22/2020, 11:09:15 AM Maglocks require constant power at all times to energize the magnetic coil and keep the lock secured. A small amount of heat is considered normal. For any additional questions please give us a call at 1-866-500-5625
Q Megan Luken • 01/18/2023, 10:25:31 AM How long does the battery back-up last?
A 01/19/2023, 5:14:10 PM This power supply includes a 12VDC, 5AH battery. Battery Backup time will depend on the total load of all equipment connected to the power supply unit. As an example, if you assume a total load of 1amp at 12VDC, the 5Amp/Hr battery should be able to provide backup for a maximum of 5hrs.