Computer Remote Access Set-up Process

Team Viewer Support


Our maglocks technical advisor will utilize a software called TeamViewer as a conduit to connect from the technical advisor's desktop computer to your computer. This will allow the technical advisor to connect to and see your desktop screen, take control of your mouse and keyboard and work on your computer as if our technical advisor was sitting at your desk. Once the job is complete, you can uninstall the Team Viewer software there-by removing the remote access authorization to your computer. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.


Remote Access Set-up Process

In just a few simple steps, with your support and authorization, our technical advisor will be able to access your computer remotely and work on your system.

  1. Use the red Team View button (see below) to download the Team Viewer software.
  2. Your Computer will prompt you to RUN or SAVE the file. Select RUN and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Install TeamViewer remote desktop software on your computer (this will be the computer our advisor will access remotely and set up unattended Access).
  4. Set a computer name and access password for the computer. This will be provided by our maglocks advisor
  5. Once connected, our advisor will be able to view your desktop screen, take control of the mouse and keyboard, and work on it like they are right in front of it.
Team Viewer Remote Access Software



We are here to help

If you would like one of our advisors and walk you through the set-up or answer any questions, give us a call 1.866.500.5625. We would be happy to assist.