Single Door Remote Buzz-In Kit, electric strike


Single Door Remote Buzz-In Kit, electric strike

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Remotely release your office door from the convenience of the reception desk with this easy to install kit. For standard single latch doors wtih aluminum, wood or hollow metal frames the 25-4u Electric Strike will install in the door jamb allowing the release of a locked door.

Works well With:

Metal Frame Doors with Cylindrical Locksets

Not recomended for:

Aluminum frame glass doors with flip our or hook deadbolts, Wooden frame or residential doors, Double doors

Great For

  • Medical offices
  • Dentist offices
  • Pawn shops
  • Boutique shops
  • Salons
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Waiting rooms
  • Receptionist release

Kit Includes:

  • 25-4U Strike for Single Latch Doors
  • MC-Buzz Audio Buzzer
  • PS12-2 plug-in 12VDC, 2A power supply

If you have any questions regarding which kit will be best for your project please contact us Toll Free at 1-866-500-5625.

Locksets should have the Storeroom Function* to ensure proper operation of this system.

*Storeroom Function - Dead locking latch bolt operated by key in outside lever, or by operating inside lever.

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Product Details

Product Overview

Complete single door remote release Buzz-In kit for office doors includes electric strike and your choice of release options. Great for reception desks to allow entry through a locked door. Under normal operation the Electric Strike will remain in the locked positon, by pressing the release button the strike will unlock allowing the door to be pushed open.

Kit Includes

  • 25-4u electric strike for Medium-High traffic areas
  • MC-Buzz audio indicator
  • PS12-2 plug in power supply
  • * MC-Buzz buzzer creates an audible buzz upon unlock.


Grade 2 electronic strike for use with single latch mechanical locksets, audio buzzer to alert of door release, plug in power supply and the release option of your choice. recommends using a STOREROOM function latch assembly.


  • 25-4u Specifications: 4-7/8 inch x 1-1/4 inch Faceplate for aluminum, wood and hollow metal frames.
  • PS12-2 Power Supply Specifications: 2A at 12VDC. Rating
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year
Model Number
office kit with strike
Power Requirements
3 Questions asked on Single Door Remote Buzz-In Kit, electric strike

Q Tony • 12/04/2018, 9:52:36 AM will this operate it the receiver is placed over a ceiling tile
A 12/04/2018, 2:37:32 PM The WRT-2 receiver should operate through a drop ceiling although range may be slightly decreased. Placement should also account for other barriers including ceiling beams (rafters), Conduit, water pipes, etc.
Q Eddie • 02/01/2020, 8:47:40 AM What does the fail/safe , fail/ secure screw do ?
A 02/03/2020, 11:16:33 AM This screw allows you to select between fail-secure (locked without power) vs fail-safe (unlocked without power) operation. The default position is fail-secure.
Q Mark D Bauder • 05/11/2020, 5:30:28 PM Where would you typically locate the receiver? Does it need to be up high or can it be near the plug-in power unit at a wall outlet (obviously in the secured side of the door)?
A 05/14/2020, 2:09:08 PM When selecting the WRT-2 wireless package, the receiver should be positioned roughly within 50-60ft of the remotes. If there are any obstructions (metal, concrete walls, etc) we would recommend testing the remotes to ensure consistent operation before permanently mounting the receiver. *Additional wire can be used to locate the receiver closer to the remotes or around any obstructions if needed.