SDC 1511S Exit Check Integrated Delayed Egress 1650lb

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SDC 1511S Exit Check Integrated Delayed Egress 1650lb

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The Exit Check series incorporates an alternating verbal message, verbal countdown and 80 db tone, plus a large digital countdown display and door release indicator that provides a clear warning or safety for persons without prior knowledge of door operation, including the blind and hearing impaired.

Facility Applications:

  • Adult Living Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Drug Rehab Centers
  • Infant Nurseries
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Art Galleries

*for use on out-swing doors ONLY

Made in the USA

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Specify Operation (see Code Compliance .PDF under Documentation below):
Specify Built-in Reset & Control:
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Product Details


see datasheet link in the documentation tab for NA and BD operation

Typically used on exit doors, when unauthorized egress is initiated when in the locked mode, the SDC Exit Check® delays egress through the door for 15 or 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the person exiting must wait while personnel or security respond. The door unlocks after 15 seconds have elapsed, permitting egress. A signal from the fire life safety system will release the lock for uninhibited egress in an emergency. 30 second delay available where approved.

Self Adjusting Door Movement Sensor

The built-in door movement sensor may only be used with doors equipped with a latch assembly, such as a mechanical lockset or exit device.

The mechanical latch mechanism must be locked on the exterior and unlocked on the interior. From the inside, retracting the door latch and applying pressure causes limited door movement. The built-in activation trigger senses the door movement and initiates delayed egress operation. The self adjusting sensor helps prevent false triggering.

Activation For Non-Latching Doors

The external activation trigger input must be used with doors without latch assemblies, such as latchless glass and herculite doors.

Activation may be triggered by the SDC MSB550 Switch Bar or the SDC Sure Exit, request-to-exit push bar. A power transfer device is required. Pushing on the requestto exit push bar immediately activates the delayed egress operation.


  • 1511SNAKV (standard) Single - 1,650 lbs., voice, tone and digital countdown annunciator, NA (15or30sec) operation, K keyed reset, V aluminum finish
  • 1511SBDKV Single - 1,650 lbs., voice, tone and digital countdown annunciator, BD (15sec) operation, K keyed reset, V aluminum finish

Electrical Specifications

  • Input Voltage: Dual voltage Sensing 12/24 VDC ± 10%
  • Standard 1650lbs Holding Force - 1511S
    • 830mA @ 12VDC
    • 450mA @ 24VDC
  • Energy Saver 1200lbs Holding Force - 1511s (E option)
    • 400mA @ 12VDC
    • 275mA @ 24VDC
  • Inputs
    • Request to Exit: Normally open, dry
    • Fire Alarm Release: Alarm panel closed dry contact. Opening of contact releases lock.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Single: 11 inch L x 2-3/4 inch H x 2-5/8 inch D (279 x 70 x 67mm)
  • Armature: 7-3/8 inch L x 2-3/8 inch H x 9/16 inch D (187 x 60 x 14mm)

Code Compliance

  • NA Model: NFPA 101, IBC, IFC
  • NC Model: BC, IFC, NFPA 101, NFPA 1-UFC, UBC,SBC Compliant, Calif. Building Code OSHPD/Manual Power Up
  • BD Model: BOCA National Building Code 15 second fixed exit delay, 0/1 second nuisance delay, auto reset 30 seconds after door closure
Also Known As
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Cylindrical Locksets
Grade 1
SDC Security
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year
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3 Questions asked on SDC 1511S Exit Check Integrated Delayed Egress 1650lb

Q Ray Wagoner • 01/28/2020, 2:22:49 PM How do I order the key for the 1511S/T series lock?
A 01/29/2020, 10:36:05 AM Replacement keys are available for these locks. To get a set on order please give us a call at 1-866-500-5625
Q Phil Leekley • 12/18/2020, 3:03:38 PM Does the required signage saying "“PUSH UNTIL ALARM SOUNDS DOOR CAN BE OPENNED IN (15) SECONDS” come with the 1511ST?
A 01/08/2021, 12:31:08 PM Yes, the 1511S series of Delayed Egress Magnetic locks will come with the appropriate door signage (depending on operation selected). These stickers can also be purchased separately. Please give us a call direct for further assistance 1-866-500-5625
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