Cobra Controls ACP-1N (1-door)  Door Access Control KIT
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Cobra Controls ACP-1N (1-door) Door Access Control KIT

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Package Details - What's in the box?

Door access control with built in TCP/IP Ethernet hookup. The ACP series from Cobra Controls allows you to connect an unlimited number of 1, 2 or 4 door panels to your network for complete system expansion. Cobra controllers use NON-PROPRIETARY readers and inputs based on the industry standard Wiegand format.

Package includes everything for a Door Access install:

  • ACP-N Series door access Controller TCP/IP ready, in locking metal enclosure with power supply
  • Proximity Reader (see reader selection below)
  • Cobra Controls door access control software
  • Battery Back-up; SLA1075 12vdc 8ah Backup Battery
  • Door Locking hardware (see hardware selection)
  • Proximity tags (see Card selection below)
  • Technical documents, wiring diagrams and installation software training videos

Note: Wire Not Included 22/6 Shielded needed for readers, 18/4 for electric strikes and 18/6 for maglocks with status.

We can assist you with system design including lock selection. For assistance configuring this kit or any other kit please Call us Toll Free at 1.866.500.5625 or use the Live Chat feature.

An upgraded power supply (ACP-NF Series) will provide a fire-panel tie-in and allow maglocks to be released in the event of a fire alarm.

The additional power is required when powering 4 or more maglocks. For more details please call 1.866.500.5625.

ACP-N Series Controllers are not compatible with ACP-T Series Controllers.

Please select an option in each category to build your custom kit.

Hardware & Reader Selection Door

Reader - Door

Cobra Controls PRX-3R Mullion Mount Prox Reader, ACP Image Thumbnail
Cobra Controls PRX-5R Proximity Reader, ACP Controllers Image Thumbnail
Rosslare Security AYC-F60 AYC-G60 Backlit PROX & PIN Reader, HID Image Thumbnail
Rosslare Security, AY-Z12 Long Range Proximity Reader Image Thumbnail

Locking Hardware - Door

SDC Security Door Controls 25-4U Electric Door Strike Image Thumbnail
LK-M06L 600 lbs Magnetic Lock, Motion Sensor and Request to Exit button package Image Thumbnail
LK-M12L 1200 LBS Magnetic lock Kit, Motion Sensor and Request to Exit Button Package Image Thumbnail
HES 9400 Genesis III Surface Mount Strike Rim Exit Slim Image Thumbnail

Proximity Access Cards

Card Type

PCS-1 EM Clam Shell Proximity Card Image Thumbnail
PISO-1 EM PVC Printable Proximity Card Image Thumbnail
Cobra Controls PKT-1 Proximity Key Tag Image Thumbnail
PST-2 Proximity Sticky Tag, Cobra Controls PRX Readers Image Thumbnail

System Controller (2 AMP Power Supply or 4 AMP Power Supply)

System Controller

Cobra Controls ACP-1N Computer Access Controller Image Thumbnail
Cobra Controls ACP-1NF Computer Access, Power Upgrade Image Thumbnail

Kit Components (Pre-selected as Standard in the One Door Kit)

Kit Components

Interstate SLA1075 12V 8.0AH Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery Image Thumbnail

Optional Components (not included in base kit)

Wiring & Other Optional Components

22 Gauge, 6 Conductor Shielded Plenum Wire. 50ft 100ft or 200ft Bag Image Thumbnail
18 Gauge, 6 Conductor Wire. 50ft or 100ft  Bag Image Thumbnail
Interstate SLA1075 12V 8.0AH Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery Image Thumbnail
B-Wire Connectors Gel Filled Image Thumbnail

Product Details

N-Series Software Not Compatible with T-Series Controllers

Product Overview

Access control with built in TCP/IP Ethernet interface. The ACP series from Cobra Controls allows you to connect an unlimited number of 1, 2 or 4 door panels to your network for complete system expansion. Cobra controllers use NON-PROPRIETARY readers and inputs based on the industry standard Wiegand format. ACP-N Series Controllers are not compatible with ACP-T Series Controllers.


  • ACP-4N (4-Door Controller: 2amp)
  • ACP-2N (2-Door Controller: 2amp)
  • ACP-1N (1-Door Controller: 2amp)
  • ACP-4NF (4-Door Controller: 4amp)
  • ACP-2NF (2-Door Controller: 4amp)
  • ACP-1NF (1-Door Controller: 4amp)


  • Easily add or remove card holders with only a few mouse clicks
  • 255 time zones with start and stop dates
  • Individual door sensor/monitoring inputs for each door
  • Individual request to exit RTE inputs for each door
  • Lost card registry with simple reissue feature
  • Unlimited departments and sections
  • Unlimited number of control panels and doors on same system
  • Audit trail customizable by date, department, user, and/or by door. Report layout also flexible. Save as Excel spreadsheet, print, or view.
  • Industry standard 26 bit Wiegand interface to work with any combination of Card readers, keypads, fingerprint reader, bar-code reader, etc. with Wiegand output.
  • Real time monitoring through software for alarms, duress, invalid card reads, door propped, and door forced events.
  • Anti-pass back
  • Storage capacity: 20,000 users and 100,000 events

Real Time Monitoring

  • The Cobra Controls .net Access Control Software also offers a powerful real time monitoring and management interface. Watch as the computer scans doors and reacts to real time events.
  • Note: Live connection to controllers not required for doors to operate - needed only for live interaction. Features of real time monitoring screen:
  • Check command performs status and diagnostics on selected doors and their controllers. Setting time synchronizes controllers to the computer for timing. Upload and download from this interface to update both the controller with correct access privileges and to receive latest auditing information. A real-time download option keeps you up to the second with event monitoring.
  • Remote locking and unlocking of any one or all doors is a simple mouse click. You can "lock down" or lock open any one or multiple doors. Momentary unlock a door and then it will go back to normal access state. Reset alarms via mouse.


  • 12VDC 2AMP Linear Power Supply in locking metal enclosure with outputs for control panel and electronic locks included
  • 16.5 VAC Transformer included
  • Locking Metal Enclosure included 12.0 inch x 13.0 inch 3.9 inch

ACP-N Series Computerized Access Control

Function Introduction
Conventional Function Offline operation; real time supervision; photo display; mass storage; flexible user privilege setup; remote unlocking; multi-user supervision; quick setting; convenient checking and query; revisable and printable report form; report form; report can be exported to excel file; card+password unlocking; alarm for long time unclosing; alarm for invalid card swiping; first card unlocking; alarm for illegal break in; unlocking at definite time; e-map etc.
Professional function For professional users such as bank, cash house, telecom station, power supply station, prison and police station: interface locking; intimidation alarm; integrated fire control; anti-passback and anti-tail; interlocking; multi-card unlocking; emergency double locking; in door population checking; unlocking based on internal and external validation.
all-in-one-card management system normal shift and multi-shifts time attendance management system; fixed ration dining management system; meeting attendance management system; online patrol management system and security alarm management system.
Communication TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive
English Software supportable database Access and SQL
Description Control 1, 2 or 4 door, get in and out door by swiping card, or get in by swiping card and get out door by button
Power Supply 12VDC, 2amp supply standard. (12VDC, 4amp supply with fire panel tie in available)
Power Consumption of Circuit Board Less than 100mA
Input Format of Reader Wiegand 26 (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola , HID® (H10301), EM , Mifare one etc.)
Quantity of Readers 2 readers per door
Door Controlled Boards available for 1,2 or 4 door.
Door opening time extending setting 1-600 seconds (adjustable)
Max Quantity of controller N = No limit
  Remark: N denotes quantity of computer serial port or quantity of 485 hub port, support 256pcs ports
Operation Temperature minus 40 - plus 70
Operation Humidity 10-90 % RH - No Condensation
Quantity of users 20,000 Users
Quantity of Event Buffers (offline) 100,000 event buffers
Power interruption protection measure High Speed Memory, Records never lose
Max Distance from Reader to Controller 100m (suggestion distance 80m)
Max Distance between Controllers RS232: Communication Distance less than 13m, suggestion distance is 3m or less
RS485: bus line max length 1200m, suggestion length 1000m or less, if expansion device added, the distance could be 3000m
TCP/IP: Depends on net coverage area
Collocations PCB board, case, power, power line, serial port communication line, software, manual, certificate, key(2pcs), carton
Alarm for long time door open, illegal break in, intimidate Yes
Fire and alarm linkage If no connection with the expansion board, only has software interface alarm, and drive the computer speaker. If connected with expansion board, is able to alarm by hardware, if connected with strengthened expansion board, then is able to Security alarm
Compulsive open and close door at long time Yes
Open door in remote distance Yes
Inter lock Yes
Anti pass back and tail Yes
Multi-card open door Yes
Open long time at specified time Yes
Electronic map Yes
Urgency locking Yes
First card unlocking Yes
Unlock based on internal and external validation Yes
Keypad (card+password, super password) Yes

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ACP-1N Kit
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