433MHZ Four Button Wall Transmitter

433MHZ Four Button Wall Transmitter



433MHz Four Button wall mount transmitter suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use

*Compatible with 433Mhz Long Range Receiver (sold separately)

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  • Large gummed buttons for easy use
  • Easy installation
  • Four channels to operate up to four different doors
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Wireless - battery operated
  • 433 MHz rolling code technology
  • Overall dimensions: 3-1/8 inches L x 2-15/16 inches W x 5/8 inches H
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1 Question asked on 433MHZ Four Button Wall Transmitter

Q bill files • 01/22/2024, 12:33:38 PM can i connect an external NO contact the the transmitter input? also what is the line of sight range
A 01/22/2024, 4:23:39 PM This 433MHZ four button wall transmitter is battery powered and would send a signal direct to the receiver when a button is pressed. It does not have any inputs to connect to an external NO contact. Compatible 433MHZ receivers are sold separately and are advertised to offer roughly 500ft clear line of site range. To go over additional questions regarding these transmitters & receivers please give us a call direct at 1-866-500-5625