Red/Green LED Signaling Lights, (2-pack)

Red/Green LED Signaling Lights, (2-pack)



(Sold as a pack of 2)

Red/Green Signaling Light is an innovative product that bases its operation on high-efficiency LEDs.  Thanks to this technology, it is possible to have a bright light with low heat and low current consumption.  

It is particularly suitable in systems where it is very important to limit consumptions.  Easy 3-wire connection.

 Recommended for:
• Door Lock/Unlock status
• Remote Light indication

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Product Overview

After connecting power to PIN1 and PIN2, the two Green LED will turn on. To turn off the Green LED and turn on the Red LED, give 12V voltage on PIN3. When there is a voltage on PIN3, the two Red LED will turn on and the two Green LED will turn off. When no voltage is on PIN3, the two Red LED will turn off and the two Green LED will turn on. It is possible to give PIN3 a continuous voltage as long as it does not exceed 12V.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Requirements: 12 AC/DC
  • Current consumption: 70 mA MAX
  • Overall dimensions: 5.3 inches L x 1.1 inches W x 1.1 inches H
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1 Question asked on Red/Green LED Signaling Lights, (2-pack)

Q Deryle Rowe • 11/01/2018, 2:01:37 PM Interested in using this light to notify a guard that he is needed. How can you activate this light? With a remote control or fixed switch? What remote or switch do you use to turn the light on? Please advise.
A 12/03/2018, 5:14:53 PM The LED signaling lights are powered by 12 VAC/DC. A Switch or Wireless relay can be used to control the power for this device. When your calendar permits, give our Customer Service advisor a call and they can walk you through the remote or switch options. (866) 500-5625