Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM waterproof Prox Reader, Keypad

Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM waterproof Prox Reader, Keypad



The Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM is a RFID proximity card/ PIN code Access Controller perfect for outdoor environment. Compatible with all fail secure/ fail safe magnetic locks and electric strikes.


  • Proxmity card, PIN code or Prox + PIN
  • Water proof design
  • Epoxy sealed electronics in a high quality metal case
  • Will read Prox cards and accept PIN codes while completely immersed in water up to 1 meter deep
  • Luminous keyboard
  • Built in anit-tamper alarm
  • Supports up to 2,000 users
  • Built-in SPDT, 3A relay
  • Use as a standalone controller or connect to an access panel using the 26-bit Wiegand output.

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The Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM is rated as IP68. The IP scale indicates the unit is dust proof, and protected from continuous immersion in water 1 meter deep (does not include saltwater).

To protect the unit from direct elements such as saltwater, ice, snow, etc, we highly recommend the STI-6516 cover.

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Product Details

Product Profile:

The Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM is a PIN/RFID card reader that can be used as a stand alone unit or used as a reader when paired with an access control system using the 26-bit Wiegand output. The CC-3800 supports EM4100 cards/tags and is one of the most advanced stand alone access controller keypads on the market.

Epoxy sealed electronics, high quality metal construction and a built in tamper alarm (photosensor) makes the CC-3800 the perfect choice for harsh exterior applications where vandalism and severe weather conditions are fought. Widely used in public facilities, office buildings, home, office and residential areas.


  • 2,000 User capacity
  • Back-lit keypad for easy night time operation
  • PIN codes or RFID prox operation
  • Three modes of operation:
    • Card or PIN (default)
    • Card & PIN
    • Card Only
  • Adjustable door open delay 0-99 seconds
  • Form C Relay: COM, NO, NC
  • Wiegand output: With Wiegand output interface, Wg26 card number or Wg4 buttons output.
  • Door Bell Button. (NO contact) *interfaces with most door bell systems

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Static Current: 30mA
  • Reading Range:3-8cm
  • Capacity: 2000 users
  • Ambient Temperature:-45C to 60C
  • Ambient Humidity:10%-90%
  • Electric lock output: 1 Amp max
  • Alarm output: 20A
  • Open time:0 - 99 seconds (adjustable)


  • CC-3800 Single Gang Size: 4-3/4 inches L x 3-1/8 inches W x 1 inches (120L x 80W x 25Dmm)
  • CC-3800MUEM Narrow Size: (6 inches L x 1-3/4 inches W x 1-1/8 inches D)

Water Resistant Rating

Also Known As
CC-3800, CC-3800 Single Gang, CC-3800-Narrow
26-bit Cobra
Cobra Controls
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year
Model Number
Operation Keypad
PIN/Prox card
Power Requirements
4 Questions asked on Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM waterproof Prox Reader, Keypad

Q Rod • 10/09/2023, 9:21:13 AM Can this be configured so that a user must present both a card and enter a PIN for entry?
A 10/10/2023, 12:31:30 PM Yes, this unit can be configured for Dual Factor Authentication where you would have to swipe your card & enter a PIN for entry. The three configuration modes are as follows: Card or PIN (default), Card & PIN, Card only. For any further questions regarding this unit feel free to give us a call at 1-866-500-5625
Q Jesse • 01/23/2024, 9:17:37 AM The cc-3800 muem panel has a bell at the bottom. Does it have a doorbell feature to ring for access?
A 01/23/2024, 4:24:05 PM The bell button will create a contact closure between 2-wires on the rear of the unit. These wires can be used to trigger an electronic device like a doorbell (sold separately). *note, depending on the draw of the doorbell an additional relay may be required to prevent damage to the bell contacts. Please give us a call to discuss this in further detail or for our doorbell recommendation, 1-866-500-5625
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