Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM waterproof Prox Reader, Keypad

Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM waterproof Prox Reader, Keypad



The Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM is a RFID proximity card/ PIN code Access Controller perfect for outdoor environment. Compatible with all fail secure/ fail safe magnetic locks and electric strikes.


  • Proxmity card, PIN code or Prox + PIN
  • Water proof design
  • Epoxy sealed electronics in a high quality metal case
  • Will read Prox cards and accept PIN codes while completely immersed in water up to 1 meter deep
  • Luminous keyboard
  • Built in anit-tamper alarm
  • Supports up to 2,000 users
  • Built-in SPDT, 3A relay
  • Use as a standalone controller or connect to an access panel using the 26-bit Wiegand output.

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The Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM is rated as IP68. The IP scale indicates the unit is dust proof, and protected from continuous immersion in water 1 meter deep (does not include saltwater).

To protect the unit from direct elements such as saltwater, ice, snow, etc, we highly recommend the STI-6516 cover.

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Product Details

Product Profile:

The Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM is a PIN/RFID card reader that can be used as a stand alone unit or used as a reader when paired with an access control system using the 26-bit Wiegand output. The CC-3800 supports EM4100 cards/tags and is one of the most advanced stand alone access controller keypads on the market.

Epoxy sealed electronics, high quality metal construction and a built in tamper alarm (photosensor) makes the CC-3800 the perfect choice for harsh exterior applications where vandalism and severe weather conditions are fought. Widely used in public facilities, office buildings, home, office and residential areas.


  • 2,000 User capacity
  • Back-lit keypad for easy night time operation
  • PIN codes or RFID prox operation
  • Three modes of operation:
    • Card or PIN (default)
    • Card & PIN
    • Card Only
  • Adjustable door open delay 0-99 seconds
  • Form C Relay: COM, NO, NC
  • Wiegand output: With Wiegand output interface, Wg26 card number or Wg4 buttons output.
  • Door Bell Button. (NO contact) *interfaces with most door bell systems

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Static Current: 30mA
  • Reading Range:3-8cm
  • Capacity: 2000 users
  • Ambient Temperature:-45C to 60C
  • Ambient Humidity:10%-90%
  • Electric lock output: 1 Amp max
  • Alarm output: 20A
  • Open time:0 - 99 seconds (adjustable)


  • CC-3800 Single Gang Size: 4-3/4 inches L x 3-1/8 inches W x 1 inches (120L x 80W x 25Dmm)
  • CC-3800MUEM Narrow Size: (6 inches L x 1-3/4 inches W x 1-1/8 inches D)

Water Resistant Rating

Also Known As
CC-3800, CC-3800 Single Gang, CC-3800-Narrow
26-bit Cobra
Cobra Controls
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year
Model Number
Operation Keypad
PIN/Prox card
Power Requirements
4 Questions asked on Cobra Controls CC-3800-EM waterproof Prox Reader, Keypad

Q Kathleen Shamp • 11/16/2019, 3:20:25 PM My company has your system on our office. We are in need of more key less (credit card type) fobs for the doors. How do we secure more of these? Thank you.
A 11/18/2019, 11:54:38 AM Please reference the bottom of this page under "Related Products" for additional cards & keyfobs.
Q Amber • 06/20/2023, 9:53:19 AM can you attach multiple 290 MICRO CABINET LOCKs to this single PROX READER, KEYPAD. So if you scanned the proximity card it would unlock multiple drawers
A 06/20/2023, 1:46:16 PM Yes, you can wire multiple 290 micro cabinet locks on a single CC-3800 reader to all unlock at the same time. The 290 locks would all be wired for 12VDC operation, wired in parallel. However, if using more than (5) 290 locks please give us a call to discuss in further detail, 1-866-500-5625
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