433Mhz Stingray 1 Button Transmitter, Visor Style

433Mhz Stingray 1 Button Transmitter, Visor Style



433Mhz Stingray 1 Button Transmitter, Visor Style

• Maroon
• One-button
• Programmable
• Visor model
• 433 MHz

*Compatible with 433Mhz Long Range Receiver (sold separately)

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Product Details

Product Overview

The Transmitter Solutions Stingray - 433TSPW1V is a visor transmitter operating at 433.92 MHz in ASK modulation.  It has been designed for programmable telephone entry systems, anti-burglar systems and access control systems operating at 433.92 MHz.  The code sent by the transmitter includes a 16 bit security code which allows up to 65,536 number combinations and 8 bits of facility code which allows up to 256 facilites.

Each transmitter is individually numbered and can be used with any receiver capable of receiving a 26 bit input.  The 23A alkaline battery has a life of about 12-18 months.  The product fully complies with Part 15 of FCC Regulations.

Technical Specifications

  • Range in free space: 60 - 120 yd
  • Operating temperature: -20degF - 131degF (-20degC - +55degC)
  • Overall dimensions: 3.26" x 1.88" x 0.62"
  • Weight: 1oz (20 gr)
  • Maglocks.com Rating
    Transmitter Solutions
    Manufacturer Warranty
    2 Year
    Model Number
    Power Requirements

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