SDC 1581S Delayed Egress Mini exit, 650lbs

SDC 1581S Delayed Egress Mini exit, 650lbs

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The Mini Exit Check® is designed to meet the needs of long term care and commercial facilities that require a smaller, less obtrusive, and less expensive delayed egress lock that is better suited for minimum security needs. In addition, the subdued alarm tone is less disruptive to patients and staff. SDC has also maintained all the features and status outputs found in most higher holding force delayed egress locks on the market.

**Remote reset control required for models ND and NH (see related products)

Made in the USA

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Tone and LED annunciation includes two distinct tones indicating unauthorized egress in progress and unlocked. A tri-color LED mode status indicator indicating secure, unauthorized egress in progress.

When unauthorized egress is initiated, the Mini Exit Check® delays egress through the door for 15 seconds. Meanwhile, the person exiting must wait while personnel or security respond. The door unlocks after 15 seconds have elapsed, permitting egress. A signal from the fire/life safety system will release the lock for uninhibited egress in an emergency.

Self Adjusting Door Movement Sensor

The built-in door movement sensor may only be used with doors equipped with a latch assembly, such as a mechanical lockset or exit device.

The mechanical latch mechanism must be locked on the exterior and unlocked on the interior. From the inside, retracting the door latch and applying pressure causes limited door movement. The built-in activation trigger senses the door movement and initiates delayed egress operation.

Activation For Non-Latching Doors

The external activation trigger input must be used with doors without latch assemblies, such as latchless glass and herculite doors.

Activation may be triggered by the SDC MSB550 Switch Bar or the SDC Sure Exit®, request-to-exit push bar. A power transfer device is required. Pushing on the requestto exit push bar immediately activates the delayed egress operation.


1581SNDV  Single Mini Delayed Egress Lock 650 lbs. holding force, ND (15sec) fixed exit delay, 2 second nuisance delay, V aluminum finish
1581SNHV  Single Mini Delayed Egress Lock 650 lbs. holding force, NH (30sec) fixed exit delay, 2 second nuisance delay, V aluminum finish
1581SBDV  Single Mini Delayed Egress Lock 650 lbs. holding force, BD (15sec) fixed exit delay, 1 second nuisance delay, auto reset 30 seconds after door closure V aluminum finish


Input Voltage: Dual voltage Sensing 12/24 VDC

320mA @ 24VDC
500mA @ 12VDC

Size: 10"L x 2"H x 2-3/8"D


D - Door position status
B - Magnetic bond sensor

Aluminum Rating
SDC Security
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year
Model Number
Power Requirements
Status Monitor

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