Buyer Guide: Quality Control and Product Assurance

Quality Control and Product Assurance program for maglocks


Maglocks offers convenient card lock systems for hotels, motels, hospitals, dormitories, commercial offices and private residence. Our locks are designed to balance performance and cost effective operation. Before we offer products to you, we ensure our locks PASS the Maglocks Quality Control and Product Assurance Program. Our PASS program ensures you are receiving the very best for your money. Whether you purchase from us (our preference) or our competition in the industry, make sure your lock system is PASS compliant.


Performance and Cost Effectiveness:

ANSI Product Assurance

Maglocks evaulates each lock manufacturer against our internal specifications to ensure the locks we sell are PASS compliant. All our locks are US ANSI/Grade 2 certified. Grade 2 certification ensures our locks have been tested and certified to perform a minimum of 400,000 use cycles (lock and unlock process). Our locks are built to give you years of trouble free, safe and secure use. Grade 2 standard certifies the locks will provide solid performance, longevity of service, and quality of design all balanced with a cost effective price.


Annual and Ongoing Maintenance:

Maglocks hotel locks are made to work for you and not the other way around. The locks are designed to provide hotel owners and operators with years of trouble free performance with low ongoing maintenance requirements. Battery replacement is quick and easy. Batteries can be replaced without removing the lock from the door making replacement a five minute job to be completed annually. At the same time, a small set screw concealed on the underside bottom of the interior room side of the lock ensures only your maintenance team will know how to access the battery compartment. Factory sealed moisture and dust protection. Maglocks hotel locks are constructed with vapor barriers to protect the electronics. The magnetic and smart card locks are machined with the tightest card slot tolerance currently available in the industry. This coupled with a built-in dust sweep ensures dust and contaminates are minimized from entering through the card entry slot. While our RFID locks completely eliminate the card slot with a proximity activated card.


Safety of Design:

All Maglocks hotel locks incorporate a 'U' shaped handle providing a tail that bends back towards the door preventing loose clothing from becoming entangled. This design significantly reduces the potential for head injuries among younger children who could strike their head against the standard straight handle.


Stability of Use:

Maglocks hotel locks incorporate an enlarged internal soleplate (bottom inside of the front and back of the lock body). The enhanced soleplate ensures the transfer of asymmetric pressure to the lock body. When downward pressure is applied to the handle, it remains within the lock body and does not further transfer to and damage the underlying door material. The locks incorporate free rotation handle design. In a locked position, the handle is not engaged and can rotate freely. This construction design ensures the lock cannot be damaged by a brute force attempt to open a locked door.

Maglocks has been selling and supporting the hotel locking systems since 2006. The performance day-in and day-out of these locks continue to provide us comfort in the quality, reliability and ease of operations inherent in the design and materials. We are continuing to build on that reliability with our new line of RFID locks. These locks incorporate all the best features and are built with the same focus on reliability and ease of operation.


Have a question? Give us a call 1.866.500.5652. We respect and carefully maintain our customers privacy and anonymity. However, many of our customers are willing to help other owners and managers to answer questions regarding their experience with installation and ongoing use.

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