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Cobra Controls Software and Hardware Registration

This page is for users to register the Cobra Controls software and hardware.

To activate and use your Cobra Controls.NET software beyond the initial 30 day evaluation period you will need an activation code.  Fill out the form below and we will email you activation instructions. Upon completion of this form you will be added to the Cobra Controls newsletter to keep you informed of software updates and special offers.

Cobra Controls Product Registration

* indicates required

Registration FAQ

1) Where can I find my controller serial number? 
• Inside your Cobra Controls panel box - The controller board will have a sticker on the front labeled "S/N#"
• In the software - Under the "Controllers" section
• On your Invoice (depending on place of purchase)

2) How do I determine my controller version? 
• On the inside door of your Cobra Controls panel box - A label will display ACP-N or ACP-T
• On your Invoice (depending on place of purchase)